High Heels & High Standards

High Heels & High StandardsOk, so don’t pay too much attention to the high heels part. Although they can look fabulous, they can be a killer for your feet and back (trust me, this comes from experience). I mean business about the standards part, though. If you are serious about success in your career, you must dress the part. Seriously, put in the effort! Now I know that dress codes vary in each industry and let’s say the creative field is not as strict as the financial world. It doesn’t matter. Know your industry, and then own it. If you are struggling with this, look at the women who are senior in position. Those who have risen through the ranks. How do they dress? What image do they project? Emulate,  NOT copy them (always be your self). The image you project says a lot to those around you. Take the time and effort to be a positive representative of yourself and your company. It will not go unnoticed. Here are some points to think about. I come from a finance background, so these are points from my experience, but I think this applies to many workplace situations. -I shouldn’t have to say this but clean and pressed. Period. -Fit. You may not be able to afford a high-end suit, but please invest in tailoring. It makes all the difference. Well- fitting clothes add polish. -Now maybe you’re following my badass program and want to show off your hard work, but there is a time and a place. Leave the short skirts for the night club (or golf course). The only exception is if you work in fashion and this is a look supported by your store or brand. This goes for all things sheer too! -Not too tight. If your blouse buttons look like an exhale will pop them or your bra strap is clearly protruding from the back of your shirt...it’s too tight! -If money is an issue and you still want to look like you spent a million buck s, spend on quality pieces in neutral tones. You can add accessories that match current trends rather inexpensively. Do not blow your budget on some weird feathered, tasselled thing that will be out next month. That is a total waste o’ cash that you could have put towards something else (like fab shoes!)

-Speaking of shoes. Clean, polished and appropriate. Feel free to rock your 5 inch, strappy Manolo platforms on date night, not at the office. -Keep hair and make-up clean and polished. Stick to a neutral palette for make-up. You can always update both after work for more of an evening look if you have plans. Again, if you work for a company like MAC, this doesn’t apply! Go nuts. -Have a touch-up kit on hand. I did this. I kept an emergency kit under my desk. Hairbrush, face cream, toothpaste & brush, Tide stick, pins, hairs pray, extra panty hose. You never know when you’ll need it. I did. Treat your place of employment the way you approach dressing for a social situation. Keep it appropriate. You wouldn’t offend a host by showing up to an elegant event in jeans. Dressing appropriately for the office is a way of showing respect for your employer, your client and yourself!

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