Holiday Season Marathon

Holiday Season Marathon Hey there, So you have a marathon coming up?! Yes, I’m talking to you. Many of us are going to be running in the same one. No, not the NYC marathon (well if you are, you go girl!) I’m referring to the marathon otherwise known as the holiday merry making & eating & drinking & wow, it’s tiring just knowing what’s to come marathon.

Don’t panic or sweat! I’m your own personal trainer! I’ve got some great tips and tricks to help you glide to finish line also known as fitting into your little black dress on New Years Eve. Now remember, this is a marathon, not a take no prisoners race to see who can do the most damage to their waistline in the shortest amount of time. Let’s begin with the starting line and first leg. The holiday baskets and goodies that start making their way into the workplace and your home. The temptation is hard, I know. What’s also hard is the person who tries to push food on you and won’t take no for an answer. Everyone knows that one person who’s mission is to sabotage another’s good intentions. Here are some tips that I know work because I have used them - Stick to your eating plan. If you make the effort to prepare food and have a healthy and balanced breakfast and lunch, you’ll be less likely to ruin a good day of clean eating. - ensure that you are getting a good macronutrient balance in each meal. Lean protein, good carbs & fats will help you feel satiated longer. -Keep healthy snacks on hand. An apple & some almonds, celery & hummus, greek yogurt or a protein shake. - Eat half. No really. If you are seriously worried that someone will be offended by their offering, take one and eat half (or put it in your purse when they’re not looking) -Water, water, water. Often thirst is mistaken for hunger, and it prompts us to eat when we don’t need to. Drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes; you’ll be surprised a the difference it makes. Now I’m not saying to deprive yourself. After all, for many, it is the most wonderful time of the year. If you want to treat yourself to that shortbread cookie, maybe use your lunch hour to go for a walk and adjust your calories accordingly. Remember, this is a long stretch; try keeping only sensible food options at home. The more treats you have hanging around, the more tempted you will be. That can inflict some serious damage over a few weeks. You may want to save the treats for the home stretch. I remember many years of surveying my house at the end of December. Chocolates & cookies and candies everywhere! It was like someone was about to knock on the door at any minute with their golden ticket (if you’re familiar with Willie Wonka, you’ll get this). Two months of accumulation is not a good thing!  Too many little treats add up to a lot of calories.  Make sensible food choices, pace yourself and fitting into that little black dress on New Year's Eve will be a breeze!

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