Hi I’m Alicia!

I could literally talk about fitness & healthy living for hours! It is truly THAT exciting! I mean it ladies—it’s my life passion and it will become yours too! I think it’s contagious….in a good way!  I want to help you!

I want you to keep reading to discover WHAT I am so excited about! I’m absolutely passionate about living the healthiest life possible, and I love to share all the best things I have learned. I have evolved from the overweight child in grade school to a fit and happy Momma. I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health and Nutrition Coach, Culinary Nutrition Export, Hormone Specialist,  Fitness Competitor (3 x UFE & IDFA Pro), published writer and fitness model! I am all about the Body Beautiful—both inside and out!

Listen—big confession here—this has not always been easy for me. I had a huge learning curve. But I learned some great things that I want to pass along to you. Believe it or not, I spent 15 years in the finance industry, and then I became a Mom. Soon after my child arrived, I realized that my next chapter in life would be to share my knowledge and passion and help others achieve their health and fitness goals like I did. My journey wasn’t easy. I was obese as a child, had an eating disorder in my teens and have been up and down on the weight scale too. I had body image issues and a negative relationship with food. It wasn’t until a wake-up call in my 20’s that my life changed. I joined a gym, cleaned up my diet, and never looked back. I was determined to do it! With the help of others, I figured out what works for me. You can do it too!

I’m here to help! I have spent 15 years learning everything I can about health and fitness. Like many women, I thought that skinny = happy.


Sadly, I came to understand that this is just plain wrong. Eating right and understanding how food can be related to hormones & moving regularly (but not too much), this is the path to health and happiness. Skinny doesn’t even belong in the conversation on healthy lifestyle and fitness. I want you to know that YOU have the motivation you need to make changes. You can see results, you just need the program that addresses what others haven’t in the past.  As women age, nutritional requirements and the way our bodies react to daily stress, changes (hint….it’s our hormones!)

I created a fitness community for women looking for help. As the community grew, I was hearing from more and more women who were frustrated. They all shared the same problems including low energy, poor quality sleep, stress, increase in belly fat, bloating, problems with skin and hair, weight gain or the inability to lose weight.  As a trainer and health coach, I looked for solutions to help these women. I started studying hormones and how imbalances wreak havoc on our bodies. I became a Certified Hormone Specialist focussing on lifestyle, nutrition and the type of exercise that is best suited for these imbalances.  I wanted to fill the need for a specialized program for women who have tried other programs that just don't work for them. Many women aren't even aware that they have an imbalance and are just spinning their wheels looking for a solution. 

Are you worried, you can't stick to a program? You shouldn’t be! A fit, healthy life requires effort, but it’s not as hard as you think. And guess what? I’ve got your back. I know the struggles, but I also know the feeling of achievement and the joy of feeling great! You probably struggle with motivation because you just don’t have the energy OR you think that you need to put in hours (time you just don’t have) daily to see results.  Do any of these statements sound familiar? “I’m too busy”, “It’s hard to lose weight after 30”, “I’ve had babies” , “I tried everything and can’t lose weight”, “I’m hypothyroid”.  Well, I used to tell myself some of those things too! I’m a busy mom and I had my fitness breakthrough while working full time in the finance industry. I had my child at 38, I’m now a pro fitness competitor at the age 46 and I’ve never felt better.  Once you have the right system in place, it's life changing and you'll want to keep going. I have created a program that addresses hormone imbalances and incorporates proven methods that enable you to reach your goals and still live your life.   How do I know it works? It’s the program I follow and one that has allowed me to help countless other women just like you!

I’ve helped many women tap into their personal motivation to achieve improved health, increased energy, and lasting permanent results. I take the guesswork and confusion out of eating right and working out. I love to share what I’ve learned and what I do to stay fit and healthy year round. My life is fabulous when I can help someone feel and look good. I get giddy when someone reaches their weight loss goals. I am thrilled to get messages from clients who are thrilled with how they look and feel. I want to earn your trust so we can move forward together in confidence, toward a new, healthy, positive lifestyle. Working with you makes all my struggles worth it!

Let’s grow together! I can share the wealth of information I have been given to help you get on board. It’s time —are you ready? I’m ready for you!

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