Alicia is amazing! She has a vast amount of knowledge relating to health and fitness. Her program has all the tools and more to assist anyone wanting to obtain a healthy lifestyle. She is very helpful and can design a program for your specific needs. I highly recommend working with her, it can change your life forever and make you the best you can be!

Alicia is a great trainer with so much helpful information. She always goes above and beyond!! Highly recommend her to everyone!
Absolutely LOVE how much information Alicia Schoroth explains in “regular” language! Makes everything so much easier to understand and follow through with!

Alicia is constantly expanding her knowledge in all different aspects of health & fitness. I’ve learned so much from her & look forward to continuing to learn much more. Joining her program was the best decision I’ve made. Thank you Alicia!!

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the summer challenge. I feel stronger both physically and mentally as a result of participating and making this commitment to my health. Your support has been instrumental in my success. The app, workouts and the meal plan were easy to follow and offered me the structure I needed to stay focused on my goal.
— Greer M. – Winner of the HER Power Lifestyle Summer Challenge | 26 lbs and 20 inches lost
Loving the meal plan, did not realize how much I enjoy greek yogurt, chicken & spinach!! I’m loosing weight slowly as I’m in retail & do have set backs after long days, but have kick started my brain into realizing how time flies and to have meals planned! Since starting on the plan have lost 14 lbs. Now when I go grocery shopping, I look at food differently. I’ve been inspired to reach my goals. I feel excited to see the ongoing results.
The menu plan has already jumpstarted my brain into a new way of thinking! For as long as it takes me to open a cardboard box and cook high calorie food, it takes me same or less time to cook up a great meal. High in protein & filling! No additives, just good food! I have already mentioned HER Power to many friends, as they have noticed a difference in me, whether physical or mentally! I Just love this! I thank Alicia from the bottom of my heart for giving me a new outlook on life at my age! No one really took the time before. Gyms and other diet plans you were a waste of money. With HER Power, Alicia understands you’re a human being reaching for help & answers. Alicia strives 110%
I feel great again!
— Liz F.
Even though I haven’t been exercising as much as you suggested, and may have had more than one cheat day a week, I have lost five pounds and definitely see a difference in my midsection, which is always my worst area! This is giving me a lot of motivation to continue and be more dedicated!

I was very impressed with your dietary knowledge, the plan you provided me with works really well even though I have dietary restrictions. The exercise plan included several different approaches and possible combinations, which is fantastic because I can adjust it over the long term as I progress.
— Anne Marie E.
It’s a freeing experience to stop obsessing about what I ate and drank. That sometime the very thing you thought was the wrong thing, was actually the right thing for you. Alicia has the ability to listen, question and respectfully offer education and options while empowering you to make decisions for yourself. I’m down 20 lbs and have lost 3 inches from my stomach.
— Colleen S.
As a new mom trying to find her old self, I lacked the self-motivation and energy to work out on my own. Just the thought of going to the gym and then figuring out what to do once there was exhausting. I needed an expert I could rely on to map out the right workout and meal plan for me, keeping in mind what little time I had for myself. Alicia was able to organize a well-structured training program tailored to my needs and schedule, along with providing a personalized nutritional plan getting me back to healthier eating habits. With Alicia’s meal plan I have something to stick to and follow. Although I am educated in both nutrition and fitness I needed a push and program to follow. I have seen marked improvement in terms of regaining my strength, body fat composition and most importantly my energy levels! Alicia has a passion and drive to be the best and a thirst for knowledge!

Thank you Alicia!
— Jill K.
The workouts provided by HER Power are truly some of the best I have tried in my many years of weight training.
— Teresa M.
I have dropped 10 lbs and feel better for it! I have to work harder on dedication and motivation. The meal plans are great!
— Cindy H.