Get Organized

Are you organized? I don’t mean is your closet colour coordinated (if it is I’m impressed)

Are you organized in your life? Are you the woman in the office who shows up every day with stylist perfect hair & make-up (& others wonder, seriously, how early does she get up?) and sits in her perfectly organized office? Is that you? Or Are you the one who is squirming in the morning meeting because you were rushing and put your Spanx on backward?? Is your idea of eating lunch running out the door with a slice of processed cheese and a hot dog bun? (I hope not) Are you the mom that shows up impeccably dressed every morning when dropping off the kids or do you look forward to winter so you can drive the kids to school with you pajamas under your coat? We all have the ability to be organized; it just takes a little work. Organization is key to living a healthier life and makes it a whole lot easier and sustainable. So get organized! Now I can’t help you if you forget to set your alarm clock, but I can share some habits that I apply to my own life. Food One of the first things I ask people that I design programs for is if they have time to prep. If the answer is no, I suggest they make time. I’m not saying you have to be Julia Child in the kitchen every night, just some easy prep every few days to help keep you organized. Look at your schedule. Find some time day or night that you can cook some of the food you’ll need to stick to your plan. Cook, then package it or freeze it in the correct portion. Wash and chop your veggies and store them so they are ready to eat. This gives you the ability to grab and go. I am always at least 2 days ahead in food prep so sticking to my plan is easy. I have my son sit in the kitchen with me and tell me about his day (or his Lego) while I do this. Pack and go. If I’m out for a day, I’ll pack a six pack of meals and keep it in my car. If I’m out running errands; I always have a shaker with a protein powder meal replacement as a back up should I be out for longer than planned. Just have a plan and you’ll be less likely to self-sabotage (or grab a Cinnabon at the subway station) Be a day ahead. When we’re running around in the morning, I have more time to get my son and myself together because I’m not spending time on food prep. I even have my son’s breakfast pre-planned, so it’s quick and easy.

  • Fitting in your workout
  • Every Sunday night I look at my week ahead and plan my workouts. I mark on my calendar what I plan to do each day and when. If I have a crazy morning on a Wednesday, I’ll schedule my workout for the evening. I save my rest days for days I know I may not be able to get in a workout.
  • Remember, quality, not quantity counts. You can get a far more effective workout in 30 minutes if you go in with a plan.
  • You do not need to go to a gym and spend an hour on the treadmill (or walk around chatting for an hour drinking a smoothie). A 20-minute body weight workout first thing in the morning on your bedroom floor can do the trick. Plan what you want to do for the week and schedule it in!
  • Consider it a meeting with yourself.

If you are worried that you are taking from others to accommodate planning and preparation, consider this: You owe it to your loved ones to be happy and healthy.

They need you. You also owe it to yourself. It is not selfish to do something that helps you be a better, healthier you.

Don’t be your least important priority. Make time for you and everyone around you will benefit.

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