Each exercise has a link to a demo for the exercise using dumbbells. As machines vary from gym to gym, perform the movement according to the instructions on the machine. If I have put an * beside the movement, it means I prefer to use dumbbells. If you have issues with stability (i.e shoulder problems, machines are the better option) Please watch the demos for each exercise before going to the gym.  I have selected demos with experts using proper form.  I have designed these workouts for those of you really looking to gain lean muscle.   I have created four workouts to be used for the first two weeks. For best results, try to complete all four workouts in a week. You may wish to follow like this:

Monday - HIIT or LISSC, Shoulders & Back 

Tuesday - HIIT or LISSC

Wednesday - HIIT or LISSC, Legs 

Thursday - HIIT or LISSC, Biceps & Triceps 

Friday - HIIT or LISSC, Chest & Back 

Saturday - HIIT or LISSC, Legs

Sunday - REST




Shoulder (Military) Press - Machine or Dumbbells *

3 sets of 12 


Lateral Raise*  - Your gym may have a machine for this (possibly called a shoulder raise)

3 sets of 15 


Seated Rear Deltoid Dumbbell Flies

3 sets of 12 


Seated Cable Rows

3 sets of 10


Cable (preferred) or machine Wide Grip Pulldowns

1 set of 15, 1 set of 12 , 1 set of 10 - try to increase weight with each set. 


Cable Pullovers

3 sets of 12 



Abs - Repeat Circuit 3 Times 


20 each leg


Swiss Ball Crunches

20 reps 


Reverse Crunches 

15 reps 




Warm Up - Step-Ups (may hold weights or do body weight)

3 sets of 15 each leg


Barbell Deadlifts

3 sets of 15 


Sumo Squats holding Dumbbell or kettlebell

3 sets of 12


Leg Extensions     

Super Set with

Lying Hamstring Curls 

3 sets of 15 each 


Barbell Walking Lunges (If you have issues getting a barbell on your back, hold dumbbells)

3 sets of 15 each leg


Body Weight Calf Raises

3 sets of 15 


Biceps and Triceps

Cross Body Hammer Curls

3 sets of 12 each arm 


Tricep Skull Crushers using barbell or bar

4 sets of 12 


Standing Straight Bar Bicep Curl

4 sets of 12


Tricep Bench Dips

3 sets of 20


Close Grip Bench Press 

3 sets of 12 


Single Arm Preacher Curls 

3 sets of 12-15 each arm 


Chest and Back


3 sets of 15 


Incline Dumbbell Press

3 sets of 12 


Assisted Pull  Ups (you can use the machine or bands

3 sets till failure 


Cable Crossovers

3 sets of 15


Bent Over Barbell Rows

3 sets of 15


Wide Grip Seated Cable Row

3 sets of 15


Ab Circuit - Repeat 3 Times

Lying Leg Raises

25 reps 

Incline Bench Reverse Crunch

12-15 reps

Standing Oblique Twists with Bar

30 per side