The meal plans in this program include macro counts and healing foods.

Improve Digestion - Lemon water & teas to reduce inflammation and wake up our digestive system. Digestive enzymes are recommended.

Gut Balance - healthy gut flora is important. Probiotic foods are included to increase our good bacteria, which helps with hormonal balance.

Healthy Fats - the building blocks of hormones and essential to stabilizing the production of stress hormones.

Adequate Protein - essential for building and maintaining lean muscle and strengthening bones.

Thyroid Protection- dark leafy greens and sea veggies help support a healthy thyroid.

Reducing Inflammation - we are eliminating inflammatory foods and increasing foods that reduce inflammation.

Liver Flushing Fibre - we are including foods rich in fibre to help flush our liver, our body’s detoxifier. If our liver is clogged, the result is excess hormones.

The meal plans are posted in two-week increments.  Although all foods in the plan are healing foods for hormone balance and optimal health, the meal plans are designed to include the same foods in two-week blocks. This makes it less complicated for you, and makes grocery shopping easier.  Each two-week meal plan introduces some new foods.

You are free to substitute any food or vegetable from the approved lists, just watch the macros. You can print the approved foods list and use it as a guide for grocery shopping by checking off the foods you need.

 Every food in the plan has a purpose. You will learn about the benefits of these foods throughout the program.


General Suggestions

  • BUY a small kitchen scale and measuring tools.  This is crucial (in the beginning) until you learn what portion sizes look like and their corresponding macros.

  • Add fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley to your salads and omelettes etc. help flush the liver. Each morning begin with a room temp glass of purified water with the juice from half a lemon for digestion.

  • Seaweed sheets for thyroid are great. They are flavourful and they don’t have big macro counts.

  •  Add Sea Salt - Aldosterone, one of our adrenal hormones, is responsible for fluid balance and blood pressure. If our adrenals aren’t functioning well and aldosterone levels fall, we can secrete more sodium, leading to salt cravings. A good dash of sea salt to your food or even a glass of water will help to replenish sodium levels and offer trace minerals.

  •  Sprinkle Nutritional Yeast on food for B Vitamins

  • Try to eat some fermented foods like Sauerkraut or Kimchi every day. A couple of mouthfuls with one meal or snack works.

  •  Drink Green Tea

  •  Use spices like turmeric (anti-inflammatory) and cinnamon which has wonderful insulin-balancing effects.

  • Use apple cider vinegar - it’s a great way to wake up your digestion. In a small glass, mix together 1 tablespoon vinegar and 3 tablespoons water and take it like a shot.  Apple cider vinegar helps with fatty liver and gut health by improving your gut microbiome (environment) and helps you to metabolize fat. Make sure it is raw and organic.

  • Try to buy only grass fed & pasture raised meats & poultry, wild caught fish and free range eggs.

 Remember -  NO  processed foods, watch alcohol, avoid sugar, & unhealthy fats.


Remember, if you are using intermittent fasting, you are eating within a window, so if two meals work for you, that’s fine. I have created meals with snacks, you can group a meal with a snack so it is easier to space out your eating. You may find that you are always full. Trust the meal plan, it is the structured with the total daily calories you need to lose weight in a safe, effective manner.