How to Find and Track Your Macros

I have created the meal plans to show you how to incorporate healing foods and to show you how to track your macros. When you are planning your own meals, you want to plan meals according to the fat, protein, and carbohydrates specific to you and your daily caloric requirements. You may choose to break your eating window into smaller meals or a larger meal and snacks.

On this page you will find instructions for setting your macros in the HER Power Lifestyle app, and how to manually calculate macros.


This is for example purposes to teach you how to calculate your macros when you are ready to meal plan on your own.

Use this calculation to input into your app. I used basic percentages in the example screenshots. Your numbers will be slightly different. Your protein will always be 30%, your carbs will be between 10 & 15% and your fat will be 50-60%.

Note: Use rounded numbers.

Low Carb Day:

1500 Cals

Protein is always 30%

So 1500 x 30% = 450 calories. 450 calories divided by 4 (the number of calories in a gram of protein) = 112g


1500 - 200 calories. It's 200 because we want a max of 50g of carbs on this day (50g x 4 calories =200).

To get your carb % to plug into the app, you take 200 and divide it by 1500. The answer is 13%


Carbs and protein combined is 30% + 13% = 43%. Therefore your fat percentage is 57% (100%-43%)

Your fat calories are then 1500 minus your carb and protein calories. 1500 - (450+200) 1500-650= 850 calories

Your grams are 850 divided by 9 (the calories in a gram of fat) = 94g.

Instructions for using the HER Power Lifestyle Fitness App.

Instructions for adding a custom meal or recipe to the nutrition app. Custom foods must be entered from the desktop version. Once entered, you can access from the app.

Instructions for adding a custom meal or recipe to the nutrition app.