Day 1

Warm Up: Pushups 3x20 (60 seconds rest)

As a Tri-Set

Decline Board Leg Raise x10 (Holding on overhead)

Incline Board Cross Body to Elbow Sit Up 10 each way (your head will be at the bottom)

Decline Board Knee Tucks x10 (Holding on overhead)

60 seconds rest and repeat x3


Around the world Dumbbell Laterals 1x20 (5lbs), 1x15 (10lbs), 1x10 (15lbs) - if this weight is too heavy, use lighter weight

Prone on Incline Barbell Upright Row targeting the rear delts 3x12 + Rubber Band Pull Aparts for Rear Delts x20 (60 seconds rest)

Seated Free Weight Military Press x15 

Seated Smith Machine Press to the Front x10 (Drop Set from first)

2 mins rest and repeat x3 (use drop sets on the smith machine)

Tri Set

Far Reaching Side Laterals place your hands at the back end of the handle vs the middle) x12

+ Front dumbbell Y raises x12

+ Dumbbell Upright Row x12

90 seconds rest and repeat x3

Tri Set

Peck Deck 3x15 (60 seconds rest)

+ Incline Dumbbell Press 1x15,3x10 + Incline Cable Fly x12 (90 seconds rest)

Day 2

Warm Up: Pushups 3x20 (30 seconds rest)

Hanging Leg Raise (elbows in stirrups) x15 (can bend legs if you get fatigued)

Machine Crunch x15

60 seconds rest and repeat x3


Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs 2x12 (warm up), 2x8-10 (Working Weight) 

+ Standing Cable Pull-Overs x10 (60 seconds rest)

Wide Grip Chins 3x10 Use the pull-up machine with assistance for this.

+ Bent Over Reverse Grip Cable Row x10 (Full Recovery)

Bent Over Barbell Rows 3x10 (Progressive weight increase and strap in) 

+ Landmine Rows (Mid Pull but bend right over and get a full stretch in the lats and a good contraction) x10 (This weight remains constant) 2mins rest

V-Grip Pull Downs 3x10-12 (60 seconds rest)

Rack Pulls 3x10 (progressive weight increase) 

+ Body Weight Back Extensions x10 (2mins rest)


Day 3

Warm Up: Pushups 3x20 (30 seconds rest)

Side Crunch 3x15 back to back no rest

Plank Holds 30 Seconds on 30 seconds off and repeat x3


Standing 2 Handed Cable Curls  + Straight Bar Triceps Press Downs  (False Grip and Palms Pressing toward the weight stack, do not move upper arm, chest high and shoulders back) 3x12 (60 seconds rest)

Close Grip Bench Press 2x12 (progressive warm up) 1x8-10, 1x6-8 (last set drop set 10 more reps) 

+ Double Hammer Curls x12 (60 seconds rest)

Tricep Dips 3x Failure 

+ Incline Dumbbell Curls x12 (60 seconds rest)

Lying Triceps Extensions (Skull Crushers) 3x12 

+ Elbows High Machine Preacher Curls x12 (60 seconds rest)

Reverse EZ Curl 3x12 + Cable Rope Tricep Pushdown x12-15 (60 seconds rest)



Day 4

Warm Up:

Pushups x20,

Side Plank Pulse x15,

Sit Up and Knee Tuck Combo x20 (60 seconds rest and repeat x3)


Cable Cross-Over 3x10 + Cable Press 3 x8-10

Flat Hammer Strength Machine Press 3x10 (Progressive weight increase) last set triple drop set 8 reps each drop

Rear delt machine + rope face pulls 3x12

Far Reaching Side Laterals 1x20,15,10

Reverse Hammer Strength Machine Shoulder Press 1x20,15,10

Reverse Grip Front Delt Raise 3x12  + Rep out with Reverse Grip Press hands in same position

Facing Away Cable Rope Front Delt Raise x12 (Cable runs between legs and spread the rope apart, leaning forward slightly)

60 seconds rest and repeat


Day 5

Warm Up:

Pushups x20,

Lying Leg Raise x20,

Floor Crunch x20 (60 seconds rest and repeat x3)


Neutral Grip Chins 3x10  (use the pull up machine if neccesary)

+ Prone on Bench Double Arm Dumbbell Row x8-10 

Full Recovery

Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs 3x10 (Heavy but good form, no swing, good contraction but I want you to feel secure with the grip hence the 

+ V-Grip Row x8-10 (90 seconds rest)

Mid Grip Bent Over Smith Machine Row 3x10 (lean over and pull to your lower abdomen, as you do this stand more upright and think of how you finish a deadlift, but not coming all the way up and hitting the lower lats) 

+ Bent Over Low Cable Reverse Grip Row x10 (Using a Lat Pull Downs Bar/90 seconds rest)


Day 6 

Leg extension 3x20+ laying hamstring curl 3x20

Close stance leg press 3x12 + barbell walking lunge 3x24 steps

Sumo deadlift 4x 15 + 4x15 abductor machine (lean back for more connection )

Barbell squat 5x20 


Day 7 REST