Product Review - Essential Facial Sunscreens

I'm 43 years old, and I have good skin.I'm not arrogant; I'm stating a fact. I eat right, drink lots of water, follow a careful skincare routine, never sleep in make-up and the biggest factor….

I wear sunscreen.


Even in the Winter.

Sun exposure will age your skin quicker than anything else (well smoking will too)

I wish I had learned this earlier in life, but I stopped tanning my face when I was 29 and my skin benefited. I've had spa technicians and make-up artists ask me what I do for my skin.

This week's review is going to be a quick breakdown of the facial sunscreens I prefer for added protection when I know I will be outside for extended periods, and the UV is high. During the winter for day to day activities, I use cream or a tinted moisturizer with an SPF. When it comes to sunscreen alone, I use specific products for my face, neck and decolletage as our skin is more delicate and sensitive than the rest of our body.


Shiseido Ultra Sun Protection Cream Wetforce Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ This part mineral sunscreen provides broad spectrum protection. It is a sheer cream that also provides sheen and moisture. This is not my daily sunscreen. It is very water resistant. I use it on very humid days or when I'm exercising outdoors or swimming. According to the brand, the sunscreen technology increases in UVB/UVA protection after exposure to water or sweat, the result of an interaction between the minerals and their Wetforce formulas. It contains plant extracts to provide an antioxidant benefit, which boosts the protection from your sunscreen by offsetting the free-radical damage incurred by UV exposure. The only downside to this formula is that it contains a small amount of alcohol and fragrance which can be irritating for those with ultra sensitive skin


LaRoche-Posey Anthelios XL with Mexoryl SPF 60 La-Roche Posey sunscreens are dermatologist recommended. They are fragrance-free and great for sensitive skin. This high protection formula is great for sun sensitive skin. It is water resistant, rather thick and is great for extended periods on high UV days. Again this is a product I use when swimming or exercising outdoors. It does come in a melt-in version which provides a fast absorbing velvet texture.


LaRoche-Posey Anthelios Mineral Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid SPF 50 This is a sheer, somewhat water resistant tinted daytime moisturizer with sunscreen. It provides broad spectrum protection and is fragrance-free. It has a fluid texture and leaves a light matte finish. The warm tint is great for evening skin tone, and it eliminates the white cast that you get from zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The only downside to this formula is that it doesn't contain a great amount of antioxidants.


Avene High Protection Tinted Compact SPF 50 This is an interesting product that I was introduced to while on vacation by someone who works for a large and reputable cosmetic company. It is a 100% mineral sunscreen in a light, cream-to-powder formula. It comes in a compact with a mirror and is tinted, so it is great for those who are concerned about evening out their skin tone or adding a bit of colour. It provides broad spectrum protection and contains a form of Vitamin e which provided anti-oxidant protection from free radicals.


Skin Ceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 This is a great daytime moisturizer with sunscreen. It has a sheer, fluid texture which can be worn alone or under makeup. It is fragrance-free and provides broad-spectrum sun protection. It has a light tint to offset the white cast from mineral sunscreens titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The only downside to this product is the lack of antioxidants.


Colore Science Sunforgettable Loose Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 This is a self-dispensing brush contains a highly refined mineral, water-resistant powder that has a natural tint of color. It offers UVA/UVB protection is chemical-free and non-greasy, it's easy to apply over makeup. It contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and red algae which guards against environmental stresses.

Not only does sunscreen help prevent premature aging, but it is also important to protect it from harmful rays which can lead to an increased risk of skin cancer. Remember to protect your skin even on overcast days.