Product Review - Charlotte Tilbury Mini Miracle Eye Wand

This week’s beauty review is a great product from a line that I love! Make-up artist extraordinaire, Charlotte Tilbury launched a make-up and skincare line in the UK in 2013 after working 20+ years as one of the best artists in the industry.

She took all her tips and tricks and put put them into developing her line.

Last year, it was finally made available in Canada.

Changing temperatures, working out, a hectic schedule and age can all contribute to not looking as vibrant as we like.

Although I drink tons of water, eat well, get my sleep and really care for my skin, sometimes I still need a product, that can “fake it” (especially on days where I maybe wasn't so good!)

Charlotte’s Mini Miracle Eye Wand is 5 in 1 amazing under eye product that solves the tired, dull look.

The two sided wand that covers dark circles and lines, smooths out bags or hollows, brightens the eye contour and hydrates the skin.


One side of the wand moisturizes and preps the skin with Hyaluronic Acid (boosts moisture), Rice Proteins (fights aging) and Cyclodextrins (smooths)

The other side contains micro-particles that brighten shadows, diminish the appearance of hollows and conceals.

It contains Mother-Of-Pearl brings which adds radiance to the skin and colour-corrects, Polypeptides (minimizes the appearance of dark circles) and elastomers which smooth any wrinkles.

It is a great product to perfect your look or make you look “awake” and refreshed on the days where you just don’t want to wear make-up.

It comes in 5 shades so it works on all skin tones.

It may seem a little pricey at 48.00 Cad or 45.00 USD, but it really does deliver.


There are so many great products by Charlotte Tilbury that I feel they deserve their own dedicated review.

Stay tuned for more on this fabulous line!


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