An Ode to Oil

An Ode To Oil I get super excited when I come discover a product that I consider a game changer.

I also love to share these finds with others.

Hey, us ladies have to stick together!

Therefore I decided that my inaugural blog about a beauty product will be about  something I absolutely swear by and cannot live without.

So without further ado, I present…

An Ode to Oil!

That’s right, oil.

I love, love, love it.

Facial oil (and hair oil too, but I’ll leave that for another day).   I’m 42 years old, so clearly I want to do whatever I can to keep my skin looking radiant and youthful.   Facial oils are a part of my skincare arsenal that I cannot live without.  Let me begin by saying this, facial oils do not make your skin oily or greasy nor should they be dismissed by those with acne prone skin.  If you are one who suffers with acne, discuss oils with your dermatologist.

Oils are amazingly affective moisturizers, especially for people like myself who are prone to dry skin. They also provide an effective antioxidant boost. Oils are lipophilic (that means they like fat and have the ability to dissolve in other lipophilic substances) Therefore they pass through the lipid layer of the skin and hydrate and prevent water loss.  Well moisturized skin is a crucial to counteracting the signs of premature aging.

Those who have problem skin can rest assured.  Putting oil on acne prone skin may seem counterintuitive but it can be helpful. Traditional acne treatments are harsh and drying. They strip the skin of moisture. When the skin is dehydrated, we end up with clogged pores because it is difficult for our natural oils to secrete. Those oils get thick and hardened and stuck in our skin. You know what that means?? Yup. Breakouts! Oil can help restore the moisture balance. When skin doesn’t think it’s dehydrated, it won’t produce large amounts of sebum that gets trapped.  Again, discuss with your dermatologist if you have concerns.

Now don’t run down to the kitchen and start basting your face in cooking oil. Here are my recommendations.

There are many types of facial oils available; both single source and blends.

You want to be sure to look for a product that is does not contain parabens and other chemical preservatives but one that is organic and cold pressed.  Some of my favourite single source oils have a multitude of benefits.

Coconut – very moisturizing, contains Vitamin E, antioxidants & its fatty acids have antiviral and antifungal benefits.

Evening Primrose - packed with Omega-6 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory and healing properties

Seabuckthorn berry – contains Omega 7, hydrating, regenerating, been shown to be beneficial for rosacea and acne.

Camelia - moisturizing, antioxidant

My favourite single source oils are Rosehip, Argan & Marula

I personally use the products below and find them very effective.  I use facial oil twice daily as a part of my skin care regimen.

Kosmea Ceritifed Organic Rose Hip Oil – I cannot live without this one as it has a host of benefits.  It contains essential fatty acids, vitamin E, C and a form of vitamin A; Beta-carotene and lycopene.  It has the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. It helps protect and repair and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It also stimulates collagen production due to the antioxidant vitamin C.  There are many excellent Rose Hip oils on the market but this one stands out for me. It does the trick on the driest of days. It also offsets any irritation and dryness from retinol products (more on that another day). $

Jose Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil – also referred to as “liquid gold”.  Argan Oil is loaded with vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids.  It absorbs easily leaves skin soft and radiant and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It has also been shown to reduce age spots.  $

Pure Marula Facial Oil - loaded with antioxidants and incredibly moisturizing. Leaves skin soft, plump and radiant.  $

There are also many great blends are varying price points.

La Mer Renewal Oil- contains their signature sea sourced “miracle broth” in addition to eucalyptus, sesame and lime tea concentrate.  Not only does this provide benefits such as improved collagen production, diminished look of fine lines and makes skin soft, smooth and radiant.  $$

Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil – rich in omega 3 & 6. Contains a powerful blend of plant based active ingredients including avocado, plum oil, camelina oil, black rose extract, Bulgarian rose and magnolia.  $$

Estee Lauder Nutritious Radiant Vitality Essence Oil. – helps detoxify irritants and neutralize external irritants. This is very moisturizing and contains a blend of oils including Pomegranate Nectar and vitamin E. $

Caudalie Premier Cru The Elixir - half oil, half serum. Smooths, brightens and contains the antioxidant resveratrol, viniferine, polyphenols and plant oils. $$

$$ - Over 100.00  $ - Under 100.00

I’ll cover hair, body and cleansing oils soon.  Stay tuned!

Have you tried facial oils?

Let me know by commenting below.

If there is one you’d like me to review, let me know and I’ll tell you what I think.

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