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๏ learn how to fuel your body effectively to maintain optimal energy levels throughout the day.

๏ teach your body to burn fat naturally.

๏ be given the tools you need to restructure and repair your metabolic system and increase your metabolism.

๏ improve your hormone levels so you feel satiated.

๏ learn how to work out in a smart, effective and efficient way.

๏ feel leaner, stronger, healthier, and more energetic than you've ever felt before.

Through this program we will be focused on:

  • Intermittent Fasting

  • Gut Health

  • Compound Movements

  • Fat Burning

The FASTer Way To Fat Loss® will teach you how to work with your body, not against it.

The FASTer Way is the best way.

See what others are saying:

I heard about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® earlier this year and was immediately interested. I had been struggling with weight loss plateau and dealing with low energy and weekly migraines. I also had been doing another online program for over a year that I initially enjoyed but wasn't seeing much progress after some initial success and was also doing a points system for logging my food. I felt as though I needed to increase my exercise and decrease my eating (although I felt like I hardly ate anything) if I wanted to lose more weight. How discouraging! Enter in an extremely stressful time in my life with the death of a relative, planning on selling our house and moving, and having other emotional issues to deal with and I was a mess and ready for a change. I joined the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® in April and lost 15 inches in my first round, gained more energy and noticed my migraines disappeared as well! I realized I had definitely been under eating with the points system and have learned how to properly fuel my body and pair them with challenging and yet, doable, workouts to see results with FASTer Way to Fat Loss®. The daily accountability and authenticity of the other women and coaches in the program is what helps keep me going. I love this program and am excited to continue my health journey and think it would be beneficial to anyone who decides to try it. It is the best exercise and nutritional program out there, hands down!          

- April    

My husband and I jumped into the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® because we just felt stuck in our health. We were doing all the right things but just didn’t feel all that healthy. I’m a registered dietitian and so we knew all the right foods to eat and were doing that, and we greatly valued a fitness routine and exercised almost daily, but still we just weren’t all that happy with our results. It’s been a year of change for us so we decided to change up our health routines, too, and jumped into the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®.

What we found surpassed our every expectation. The strategies we were taught almost immediately got us unstuck. Our clothes were fitting better, our bodies seemed to be tightening up before our very eyes, we dropped some of the pounds that were hanging on, lost 12 inches (me) and 10 inches (husband) after the first round, but most importantly we gained our ENERGY back to be able to keep up with our 4 very busy kids.

Your health is not to be undervalued. It is totally worth the money invested in the program and the effort put forth for a short 6 weeks. You truly will learn a lifestyle that you can continue forever.

- Elizabeth

I joined the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® community as a participant and fell in love with it! I had lost significant weight years before on other programs but unfortunately did some major damage to my thyroid and adrenal health by under eating and overtraining. This program gave me the balance I so desperately needed as a busy working mom with two toddlers!

I found that not only did I lose more weight AND inches, my body composition changed and I was finally able to get rid of that extra abdominal fat that I had been trying to run off unsuccessfully since my youngest was born.

I’ve now adopted this as a way of life and it has been a game changer for me! It has become second nature. I love the flexibility, balance and overall sustainability of this program and I absolutely recommend it to anybody I know!                   

- Lindsey


I have been a long-distance runner most of my adult life, having completed two marathons and several half marathons. As I approached the latter half of my thirties and having carried four children to term, I found that my body was experiencing more and more pain from overuse. Additionally, it was increasingly difficult to maintain muscle mass, no matter how much I exercised or how little I ate. I had hit a serious plateau and knew I needed to do something different. After one week with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® I knew I was hooked. I couldn’t believe how much was “allowed” to eat! Though it was somewhat of a leap of faith, I could not deny the better sleep, extra energy and changes in my mood. Six months later, I can’t imagine not living the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® lifestyle. I feel stronger, look visibly leaner, and could not care less about the number on the scale. Yay for freedom!!

- Adrian

I always assumed that my belly jiggle was just a genetic predisposition.   It’s definitely where I store extra fat quickly. So, the process started a long time ago and I have pretty much been willing try anything. (points systems, running, videos)  I have been successful too, reducing the size of my belly and feeling pretty good about my accomplishment until someone snaps a picture of me and there that sucker is, maybe smaller, but definitely there!  Then middle age hit and my belly began to fight me with chronic indigestion. I felt awful which made me a crabby person. But that wasn’t all. My head got involved and it was like the two of them were working against me on purpose.  I either had a daily headache or tummy ache, or BOTH, for about two years. The neurologist said I had migraines and gave me medicine (not to drive on - are you kidding me?) And the gastroenterologist scoped me from both ends and gave me medicine and told me not to drink coffee.  I told him that was NOT going to happen, because I needed coffee to stop the headaches. So you can see, I was not real well. I kept hearing my late grandmother’s words in my head, “If your colon isn’t happy, nothing is happy.” Grandpa almost died from diverticulitis and my dad did die from colon cancer.  I needed some other advice. Anyway, last year I tried TheFASTer Way to Fat Loss® and at first it was hard.  (Thank God coffee was still on the table) But my new habits got easier as the weeks went by and I was able to do more of the exercises (no other program really, truly pairs the food with the exercise quite like this)  After one round on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® my tummy was noticeably different and in a different, sporty shape.  My new shape looked athletic and young! So I kept going and I can tell you honestly that I have not had this slim of a belly since elementary school. Also, I have not had to take any tums or prilosec since I started.  I feel so much younger and happier and my friends call me “athletic”!

- Sara

I have been very passionate about fitness and health my entire life.  I started running in 2012 and since that time have completed 3 marathons, 10 ½ marathons and a slew of shorter distance races.  So needless to say I was “fit”, but it just was not getting me where I wanted to be. I had the “extra” around my waist that was so frustrating, I wasn’t sleeping, and even though I was active I felt consistently tired.  I had hit a major plateau and was looking for some answers. I researched A LOT. For months. I was definitely intrigued by the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®  but wondered would it really be sustainable?  I jumped in with 2 feet a year ago and have never looked back.  I haven’t felt this great since before I had kids. I have energy, I was sleeping again after only 2 weeks into the program, and I finally saw the little extra weight around my middle disappear.  SOLD!! I was so excited! I LOVE all things about the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®, it’s truly been a life changer for me- so it’s become my passion as a COACH.  Never looking back!

- Cristie

"I have struggled with weight since college. I had 2 really tough pregnancies where I gained about 58 lbs during each one. I tried everything there was to do...all fad diets and all extreme exercising programs. I could BARELY lose 10 pounds! I would get so upset and just eat everything that was in my reach. My little family moved 5 hours away from all of our family and friends, so then depression hit and I didn't have ANY energy to even fight it. When my baby turned 1, I saw the pictures of myself at his 1st birthday party and was just FED UP! So after a year of following Amanda, I took the plunge and have never looked back! This program is a game changer and a life giver!"

- Stacy

I was not looking for a diet or any kind of program, but when I heard about my friend's amazing results in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®, I figured why not?! I still had 8 - 10 pounds of baby weight to lose from my 3rd baby (who is now 2) and I knew I needed to eat healthier and feed my family healthier foods, so I signed up on a whim. I thought that this program would be a 6-week “push” to lose weight and gain some healthy habits but that I would mostly go back to my old ways after that. Little did I know then that this would become a lifestyle I would love and actually want to continue! I lost 11 pounds and 13.75 pounds during my 6-week boot camp, and 4 months later, I am happy to say I have lost 17 pounds and 20 total inches! That’s way more than I ever even hoped for when I signed up! I feel so much better about myself than I have in a long time! And I love having a plan and a purpose to how I eat and how I exercise!

- Mandy